ERG Excellence Award 2023

ERG Excellence Award

ERG – Engaging, Resourceful, Groundbreaking project

We are celebrating Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives – honoring exceptional initiatives and individuals committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within organizations and communities.


Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

At ERGs Center, we firmly believe in the strength of employee networks and we are actively seeking impactful initiatives organized by them.

Our goal

Our goal is to highlight exemplary practices and recognize exceptional individuals and groups committed to driving diversity and inclusion both within the workplace and local communities.

What We’re Looking For

Can your ERG’s activities be linked to the advancement of organizational objectives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion? Have you made a positive impact on your employees or had a broader influence on the community?

Share Your Story

If so, we invite you to share your story with us. We want to celebrate your unique journey and accomplishments. By doing so, we aim to inspire others and foster a culture of diversity and inclusion being driven by networks/employee resource groups. Please let us know how your ERG has contributed to these important goals.

Key Questions

Engagement and Impact:

  • How much engaging your project was for your colleagues from the ERG or the organization?
  • How many beneficiaries could have experienced the real outcome of this project?


  • What were the necessary resources to achieve the project’s goal?


  • Why could this project be called “groundbreaking”? What is so unique about the one?

Award Process – step by step

To be considered for the ERG Excellence Award (GOLD, SILVER, BROWN), follow these steps:

Step 1

Think about all initiatives of your ERG(s).

Step 2

Choose the one with the biggest impact.

Step 3

Read rules and regulations from ERG’s website.

Step 4

Submit your initiative!
You can submit your application until 22.11.2023.

Step 5

Join our Award Announcement at D&I Changemakers Conference* (6-7 Dec 2023) to celebrate amazing initiatives put on by ERGs around the world.

**Changemakers 2023

Last year over 1400 attendees from 64 countries participated in the conference.

Enter the ERG Award Competition

Be Part of Our Diversity Mission


Meet the jury for the ERG Excellence Awards

Magdalena Bukala

Senior ID&E Manager, Employee Networks Coordinator in Akamai

Dariusz Krupa

DEI Expert and Employee Networks Global Coordinator in State Street Bank International

Monika Lis

ERGs Center by Diversity Hub Lead, Experienced ERG Lead


Rules and regulations



The competition starts on 20.10.2023 at 9.00 a.m. CET and ends on 17.11.2023 at 23.59.



All details about the competition can be found in the Award Regulations. If you have any questions, please contact us:



The participation is free of charge, no fee is required.

Who can apply?


We invite all Employee Resource Groups to submit an ongoing or finished initiative that helped advance organizational goals related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Your initiative should be either finished or have completed a minimum of 70% of planned activities.



You can apply for ERG Excellence Award.